The Sunlight is too Bright at the Moment

I should close my blinds, but then it would be too dark. What a dilemma!! Oh well. It will be dark before I know it anyway ahha!

I haven't made a post in awhile as nothing of real importance has happened in the last few weeks. Though a few days ago there was some Nerf warfare along with video game playing. I guess that can be considered exciting!!

In my digital illustration class, we were doing techniques that involve painting over a photograph-- and I sort of went crazy and threw colours all over it. That must be how you paint, right?


It's kind of neat I guess? Sometimes I was better at colour theory and could just choose colour without a second thought-- I mean I did that in this example above but of course, nothing was really deliberate! It's a good accident. Anyway, the second part I haven't finished but it's turning out okey aha....


The second part is for a cover of an Entertainment magazine and I wanted to do something colourful and fun! So I chose to do an illustration of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu aha! I couldn't find any high resolution photographs of her, but this one seems to be quite alight. I don't like how it's turning out, so I might... re.. start at a later time ahha!

Anyway, to those who have mid-terms I wish you good luck! (Since I don't have any ahahah!) Have a good day!

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[C275] That portrait is beautiful

Even if "nothing of real importance" happens, I still enjoy reading these casual life updates. I'm always interested in knowing what's going on in your life as a design student, because I'm... you know... an artist who didn't go to art school.

That Kyary portrait you painted looks spectacular! I love the warm colours. Clearly pink and yellow coloured skin looks beautiful. I hope you'll do more portraits like this in the future!

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