First Full Week of School

And it seems to be going well, which is good. I thought "No, I am not going to get used to waking up at 6 am!!!" But I surprised myself (again) by waking up before my alarm. This is probably due to going to bed at 10.

I hate having a bed time.

Speaking of bed time, last night's full moon was gorgeous! It was for one, really big, and two, really bright! There was this neat ring of light around it as well-- I sort of dubbed it a moonbow. I know that's incorrect and silly, but, eh!


You can't really tell from this You can't really tell from this image, but I swear the moon was twice as big as it should have been! But anyway, in my previous entry I had talked about all my livestreams (I've done at least 3 in the past week.....) and I finally completed this image!

Team Gay

Although the image hosting site really downgraded the resolution and compressed it terribly. (I hate jpegs!!!!) Though I also have two background images I made for someone, maybe they'd be useful for you! (The compression isn't as bad on these images)

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[C271] You're a sleep schedule champion

You always struck me as the kind of person who would have no trouble waking up early. Going to bed at 10 is pretty early, but pretty neat! That means you'd get 8 hours of sleep if you wake up at 6. Perfect. I love the way it feels when you wake up early but feel completely rested and energised nonetheless.

Those TF2 drawings are great. I loved following the stream.

[C272] @Nin

Oohoh, I am aren't I!!

Ah well, getting up early isn't really a problem. I love waking up early aha! Feeling completely rested is such a great feeling! Though the thing is, it's actually 10 right now, I'm not tired at all, so even if I do lay in bed, I won't sleep ahhaa,,,

I'm glad you liked following the stream!!!
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