It's 2012, but I still keep saying 2011

One of my downfalls is getting into a rhythm of writing the date, and around say, February it's set in stone. The date will be correct and all but... You just get so used to writing it that when it changed I'll mindlessly still write the previous year's date.

I also still tell people I'm 17 by accident.

But anyway, last semester was great. School ended early Thursday and I had all of Friday off. I took it for granted of course. It never occurred to me that next semester would be drastically different. And by that I mean every single day I'm at school from 8am to 11am. Which doesn't seem too bad-- the days go by a lot slower because I finish before noon but... I don't want to go to bed early!! Maddison fights with sleep times 2012: the blog.

But speaking of school, it's been pretty fine. The first week is always just introductions and well.... doing nothing. (In all honesty, nothing was accomplished) Though this year is different!! In the previous year we've only had our classes supplied to us and this year I was able to chose one for myself! So I chose astronomy. I'm so gay for space.


And despite there being the special snowflake girls in this class (I have them in my regular classes, I should learn to ignore them) I enjoyed the first class! Unlike the teachers in my regular classes, this professor has slide shows and a nice speaking voice and it's easier to stay focused listening.... HAHA! (He gushes over space it's sort of cute)

Also of course I have been drawing, and doing lots of livestreams! I'll have to add my new livestream account to the links panel over to the right. (Or maybe the computer's right?) I've even been thinking of posting my art here just because tumblr doesn't have comments and isn't really an ideal community to post things.

deeeemouhmen.png hoovy.png snaipah.png dasha.png hitagi.png lukalady.png

Clicking them should being them up to full size!

And what is art without good tunes!! I've been playing around with YouTube's playlist system and I finally made one. You can check it out here ! Though be warned, it's JP only-- the artist of all the songs is (abbreviated as) Mambo, and all the art of the videos is drawn by his sister! How cute! Hope you enjoy them aha!

So stay tuned for more art! (It's something I do okey with, and I'd like it integrated into this blog, just because me rambling on and on doesn't seem like a lot of fun.)

Until later!

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[C268] I love the streams

Visiting your Livestream channel is always a lot of fun! Watching you draw and talking with everyone else who is there is a great way to spend the evening (or early morning).

School sure sounds nice, with elective classes and fun teachers and all. I always feel like, after the winter break, time really flies and the summer break is there before you know it. I'm looking forward to it pretty much.

Well, good luck in school and all!

[C269] @Nin

Ah, I'm glad that people like my livestream account ahha, I might be doing another one today or tomorrow, depends if I'm up for drawing more TF2 characters ahaha

Good luck to you too!
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[C270] @mx

Oh, that would be great! If it's today, I'll might be able to be there. But I have to think about getting my sleep schedule back into shape.

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