Squirrels. Squirrels everywhere.

But sadly, I haven't been able to snap a photo of one. They sit on my window ledge and, holy crap. They do scare me a bit because you have to ask your self "what is that. What. What is it doing there???!!"

Also, I heard it was National Kiss day. Uh. I don't really get how that can be a national day....... I guess it's good for couples?

But anyway. I thought I'd bring back this little blog here until I won't be using it anymore (for instance, if I get a host for my own website, etc?) Though that won't be happening for a long time. (I presume.)

This is just a small entry, though tomorrow I hope to have a full article! Because it's September 9th. And you may ask, what is that? (*Let's call back to that post where I showed my DS's hinge break*) And lately it seems the hardware on the machine is dying too-- But no more worries. The Flame red 3DS is being released tomorrow!!!! I hope I don't have to wait in line or something. Because I am so pumped for this AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Okey, don't mind me. May be I am a little crazy.
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[C265] I wish I had squirrels

I wish I had squirrels hopping about around my home. Well, that sorta happened when I went on vacation once. They were so tame they actually came up and ate from your hand. It was cute. Seeing as these squirrels hop onto your windowsill, I guess they're quite tame as well. That's so nice. I'm expecting pictures soon!

Also, use this blog to update on your school experiences more! (Even if your mother and I are your only readers, ha ha)

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