Good Snack Delicious Snack

Today I want to talk about delicious food. I ate this yesterday but whatever.

dippin good


Let me introduce to multigrain chips and cheese dip. Two beautiful things in existence. I usually have self-control and I can eat three chips and then put them away but... with this dip I.. keep coming back for more. (I don't even remember how many I ate but now there aren't any chips left..)

Also in today's mx news, there are baby mourning doves in our backyard. Here a good (bad) glimpse my brother got of them being a pretend train.

My brother can't take photos at all

I love it when birds sing. But not those chumps. I hope they fly away now.

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T-those doves..! Even if you can't stand their chirping, they sure make for a super cute picture! (Don't tell me you ended up forcefully derailing their train.)

[C262] @Nin

Hehe doves are pretty cute but.. their 'hooing' really gets on my nerves.

Oh no, they flew away after my brother photographed them ahha
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Aw, what happened to the pictures?

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