Oh my.. It's September already! FF I guess summer really messes up your sense of time.. Oh well. I have an extra week off, yay! Or nay? I actually am anticipating the school year.. FF Which is pretty.. well, weird for students right? FF That also means it's getting closer to my birthday.. D: ! Ack, noooooooo! I like being the youngest but the tallest FF (Okay, I'm not that tall..)

But.. As of last night.. (Well actually this morning at around 1:30..) I.. I.. Finished Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. I dont know what came over me. I am not sure if I was teary at the end because it was sad and touchy, or if I was about to cry because I beat it? Oh no.. Atleast I still have a bunch of puzzles to solve now.. FF For some reason, the ending puzzles were so easy! Unless.. I was asleep and had a dream of playing it? Oh no.. Now I am dillusional.. I need to recouperate from this loss now..

But.. On the bright side.. !
I got KAITO to work.. FINALLY! Yaaay! Oh, I am so happy! Even after I logged off, he still worked! Now I have my favourite Vocaloid.. Mmm! And I can make him sing duets with Michiyo now.. FF So maybe be ready for some KAITO songs from me..?

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^ ^ hee hee~ no problem~
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