I spoke to soon Mr. Weather


Or Mrs. Weather, I don't know who decided on this.

Last time I wrote a blog entry? When was this.. What 2 days ago? Yeah. The snow was basically completely gone. Wake up this morning? FREAKN' CHRISTMAS UP IN HERE!! ahha Little flakes just.. flaken' about too. I kinda wanted to wear shorts pretty soon, but I guess not. I'll have to wear my boots or something /sob (note: mx does not enjoy winter boots) At least I don't have to hand in an assignment today, that wouldn't have gone too well.

Anyway, speaking of assignments, I feel pretty good. I've gotten my first 60 mark this semester (I think) and well.. It felt kinda unfair. I thought I deserved something a little higher.. Oh well. I feel like I'm doing better this semester than I did the last! Which I good, right? (Pretty sure it's good)

Well, to the people who got snow days (I didn't. I haven't had a single snow day this year!) Enjoy it! Maybe go.. Play Pokemon or something orz Anyway, smell ya later!
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Whaaat? I thought you were all about cold weather! Although I guess everyone is kinda sick of winter by now. Well, spring has officially started. The first few days are always cold, but I reckon we're transitioning into 15°C daytime within the next 10 days.


I love me some cold weather but.. I've had November to March of cold snowy weather! I'm a little sick of it ahah.. DAMN ITS WARM THERE. The temperature here is -3 at the moment HAHAHAAH
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