Man, I think I am about halfway through the new Layton game.. FF As on the journal page I am at the 5th page out of 10. D: I told myself I wouldn't race through this one like the last! FF Honestly! But oh, I love the tea set mini-game. It's so cute! FF I just like to mix terrible terrible tasting things just to get the Professor's opinion about them. They're actually pretty funny. I made a terrlbe one once and Luke was all "Professor, why is this foam?" FFF

Also, I'm getting kinda fed up with UTAU.. As I can't record things because a war is going on in my basement. FF No, really. My brother finally got the consent of my father to play Xbox Live and.. I swear he hasn't moved for the last few days. I'm really fed up.. FF I can't wait untill September 5 when his suscription expires and he won't be able to buy another year. (Because my parents don't want him playing anymore either.. FF) Then my basement will have.. Peace and quiet.. Yes..

Well, I guess there's nothing left to write.. :/
I'll probably have to stop when school starts, which is in like 2 weeks but.. FF Oh well. I need to start planning my tea party! (Oh, I am a big dork.)
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