A little worried maybe

Maybe because I just submitted my first assignments and am awaiting the marks but.. I need to get back into gear with this stuff! I haven't been trying my absolute best, and I feel like I'm not going to the best on these assignments. I think I'll do okey but.. Uhhh!! I don't like this feeling at all! I know you don't want me ranting on an on about school, but it's what I'm doing right now-- so I'm going to end up talking about it. I'm only afraid of failing, because if I do I'll have to be in school longer and then I won't be in the same classes as my friends! I don't want that to happen!

Although, I think I worry too much. I try to stay calm, but it's always there. I'd say "I need to chill out more" but I basically already am so.. There isn't any point there either! I also can't think of a nice picture to include on today's post. There isn't really a picture than can go with this post, is there?

And aside from all those things.. I've started this whole drawing thing before the new Pokémon games come out! I told myself I was going to draw all the characters.. Right now I'm almost done all the Gym Leaders.. Which is a fairly large chunk I'd say. I still have the Elite Four, Player characters, random trainers etc... The more I think about it the more I have to draw oh god! I think I'll leave most of those drawings until reading week though. (Since it's right before the launch of the game.) OHHH I'm so excited to play a stupid video game it's.. ridiculous! At least most of my friends are excited too! It makes me seem less... like a weirdo in a way. (Note: less than. I can't erase all my weirdness.)

Oh well, sorry for the large text block here in your face. Next time I'll post pretty pictures or something that you'll actually read! Until then, take care!
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School stressss, the bane of every student's otherwise enjoyable school life. Well, just see it this way- over the years, schools have set their standards to the average student's abilities. There's no way a school is going to make their standards so high that 75% of their students fail. So most of the time, being totally average is perfectly enough to pass all your classes. C: And it's really hard to imagine you scoring below average, being the hard worker that you are.

Well, stay strong! Do your best! And all that stuff.


oh sweetie, I'm sure you are worrying in vain. You are a hard worker and great at design!! I mean, if you feel you should work harder, do just that, but from my observations, you'll do splendidly. I highly doubt that you'll be held back. ^ ^ chin up sweetie pie!
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