Bittersweet Morning


This happened. I knew it would one day, there's no escaping the disintegration of plastic hinges. I was walking to class this morning and my DS was standing up straight (previously the hinge had a large crack and the top screen just flopped everywhere) so naturally, I was excited! Until I decided to check out why-- this black piece just flew out of nowhere. So I stopped and picked it up and then looked over at my DS and like, little tears filled my eyes. It was like "NOOOOO THIS CAN'T BREAK YET! I'VE ONLY HAD IT FOR 3 YEARS!!" I'm just upset because there is no way of fixing it... Luckily the screen is unharmed and I can continue playing my games.

On the good side of things, my class was cancelled today! So all morning I've been drawing and stuff! I love having time to just sit and relax.. Maybe a little too much haha! (I tend to do it a little too often.. But who can you blame? Everyone loves to slack haha!)

Have a good weekend everyone!
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N-NOOOO! I feel for you, man! One of the hinges of my first DS also broke, after which the top screen wouldn't click into position anymore but just flop backwards instead. It somehow affected its connection with WiFi and other DS'es, so you might want to check if that still works. (My broken DS got connection errors every 30 seconds or so.) But I'm glad to hear yours is at least still fit to play POKEMON BURAKKO, HOWAITO on!

Cancelled class is nice. Because I'm really loving the drawings you did! The one you posted on Tumblr, the one with the three cute sommeliers, is one of my absolute all-time favourites. I wish I could draw as charming as you!

[C240] @Nin

Really? It's been completely fine on local wi-fi so far.. I don't think anything is seriously wrong with it.. yet.. OH GOD I HOPE I CAN PLAY BLACK ON IT /cries forever

I'll teach you how to draw more charming if you give me your skills hehe
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You're the one with the skills!

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