So.. I ended up getting the new Layton game! (I am so excited!!) But FFF For some reason, the puzzles are so much harder than the first one.. Guh. But atleast this story line is really like IN YOUR FACE this time. It's like, hey I am starting this game.. BAM. GUY DIES. I was kinda like, woah. Wasn't this game supposed to be called the "Devil's Box" or "Pandora's Box?" FF No. Diabolical. Ohh. How, scary?

So, I guess I won't have any interaction from the outside world because I'm playing this game. FF Okay, not really. I just have a special time set away. Were I sit and have a cup of tea while solving puzzles. FF I'm not kidding, okay? I'm actually enjoying a cup of tea right now! Oh, I'm hilarious.

But oh well, gotta go. I have to input the special code to get inside the secret door! FF Oh, I am the biggest dork of life.
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