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It feels like the Winter Holiday break just lasted forever! I've gotten used to being here again though haha Before I was kinda dreading coming back to school, but now that I'm sitting here looking out my window and seeing the building.. I'm actually pretty excited! I wonder what projects and challenges and other stuff I'm going to have to go through! CRAZY! (Eh, not really) Right now I'm just sifting through my binders and putting all my notes places. I didn't really have notes though, it was like everything was bound together so I didn't have to write anything! I hope they don't make me write anything now.. It would be too hard! (I don't write very fast...)

Anyway, I've gotten back into TinierMe, it's sad... I just kinda buy lots of items so I can dress my avatar up haha! Right now he kinda looks like this..


I know, I said he.. But I got a whole bunch of pink items from a random thing.. uh yeah HAHAHAH DON'T ASK. (Isn't it just so UGLY?? HAHAH!) Oh well, I gotta go have lunch now! Every have a good day and try to enjoy school? hahah! (Good luck on that one ;D)

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QAQ s-so cute.

I love your bows.
  • 2011-01-05 18:02
  • kit
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[C231] @kit

I think I went a little overboard with the bows.. and the pink..

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