Happy Holidays to Everyone
Despite me being racist towards Christmas. Although I think the same could be said about every holiday out there.. At first it had meaning, and now it's just a time of year to buy, buy, buy. I wish it was a 'buy-nothing holiday'. (Not because I'm broke and cheap, but those could be qualifiers as well) I mean, yeah.. Our economy could use a boost, but.. Ah, I don't even know what I'm really talking about anyway. Most people won't be changed because they love gifts. I think sub-consciencely (making this word up here) everyone likes to receive things but I think the materialistic views of Christmas just blow it out of proportion.


But enough with that! I've been home for like, maybe almost 2 weeks? My perception of time is out of whack. I've been sleeping in until 10 o'clock every morning.. It's terrible! WHY IS MY BED SO WARM!? Then to add the icing sugar-- I haven't done anything productive. I've sat around and played a bunch of games.. I beat Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, my Animal Crossing house is looking fine, Kit got me Rune Factory 2 and GOSH is it ever addicting, and as well I started playing Cave Story. So many games ahhh! And because of that I haven't been drawing much or updating or anything, but that might be a good thing, I think I update too much haha

Well, enjoy this time of year.. See you all in 2011!
mx ;D
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I agree about the consumerism. It sems that every holiday now is about spednign money and getting the best quality thing, rather than honestly wishing well to others. BUT I LOVE TO GIVE PRESENTS REGAURDLESS, WHAT DOES THAT MAKE ME? QmQ
Merry Christmas darling~
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I couldn't agree with you more. I would of liked a better depiction of my CHRISTMAS TREE, it does not look like that at all.......where is my gaudy silver bling bling.

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