The IdolM@ster !

But before that, my first semester is over! And I think I did well on my exams, as in, I was confident. I know a got a few things wrong, but basically I knew everything! (Of course, me getting a few things wrong was me drawing a blank.. But at least I wrote things very similar to the intender answer!.. Maybe I'll get half marks? Keep dreaming Maddi!)

I like Animal Crossing, okey guys?

But yeah. Now I'm pumped for just going home and chilling. I know I'm going to have to take the garbage out and clean the litter box now HAHAHAH But eh, I don't mind. I mean, I had to do those things before so it's not a big surprise or anything.

But anyway.. The title of this post. The IdolM@ster, or IM@S for short started as a arcade game. The premise of this game? Basically you pick a girl and produce her to be the top idol. It's not really that hard (except I can't understand more than half of it.) The only thing is-- It's such a big hit in Japan! It's for the Xbox 360, but I don't think it'll ever get brought over to North America or Europe. (Most likely Europe before NA.. I mean, they got that Tingle game and we didn't..) Well, IM@S "Dearly Stars" was released for the DS. And the DS has no locale-- meaning it can play Japanese games on a North American console. So.. I tried it out. But uh, the emulator is complete crap. Everything is just soooo slowwww and it's hard to play because of that. I've love to own it, but alas.. I can hardly play because I don't understand the language very well.
Here I am, playing the game.. So I pick the cutest idol (in my opinion), Ryo. Turns out.. Ryo isn't even a girl. (I should have noticed from the name!!) And he has the cutest embarrassed face EVER OH GOD. (Plus those glasses? MMMMM) I think I'm going to go play some IM@S music now HAHAHA!
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