Feeling very inside-ish


I was feeling ready to go today, but now I just feel so.. blaaah and kinda sick. You know how that feels? (Plus I have a terrible canker sore) I think everyone does haha But it's snowing so much! School was cancelled today, and so was my exam. Which really makes me upset. I mean, I want to get it done, right? And I can't go and take pictures (which is the only homework I have to do) and I can't even do it! So I'm just a little frustrated.


IT DOESN'T STOP! I'm not used to having this much snow at home. I mean, we get a bit but not A LOT LIKE THIS eeeh This picture is really dark and right now I can hardly see outside because all is white. Yup. Just white. (But this morning was yellow fog, which is scary)

And in other news, practically why I feel like crap today -- My headphones.


Notice the tape? Yeah. I DON'T KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENED! I never disrespect my objects, especially things I really like-- especially things that were given as gifts! But here's the story. A few days ago my headphones felt loose (and I have a small head and they were already too big on the smallest setting) so I take them off and inspect them. Turns out there was a little crack forming along the headband part, so I taped it up and everything was fine again! (Except if I tilted my head forwards they would fall off) And now today as I was taking them off, the one side opened up to the largest setting, which is strange because they never do that unless I pull them down. Turns out the part that connects the headband to the speaker part thing is loose. Not really loose, more like, hanging on by a piece of plastic. So briskly I tape it up to prevent further harm. Only thing? They no longer sit on my head comfortably. One ear tilts up and the other tilts down and I'm too afraid to touch them because I'm really afraid they might break. This whole ordeal makes me angry. I think it's just like my one teacher said.. Something like how "our whole consumerist society is being pressured to buy, buy, buy.. Which is why manufacturers put into effect a product lifespan-- as in they'll only last a year before you have to purchase the newest." The more I think about this, I haven't even had these for a year. And I feel terrible even though I didn't actually break them. I don't want to buy another pair because well.. I like them too much as is. And they still work perfectly fine too! (Totally not crying over this, pssshh)

Sorry this one is long.. I think I'll go curl up into a ball now.
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My poor maddi~ *hugs* If I knew anyhting about electrical workings, I'd so fix them for you in a heartbeat! I feel bad now that you're feelin' down. that really sucks for your headphones! they are really nice! I wonder how that could have happened.
Also, ther isn't much snow here at all, so I'm a but envious of your environment. (also, I REALLY want to visit again!) Hope you feel better hun. *hugs once more*
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  • Cari Q-Q
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[C226] @Cari

Nothing electrical is broken ahahah Just the plasticy parts of it.


hokay good. but it still sucks that it broke.
  • 2010-12-07 22:02
  • Cari
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