Goodbye November!

I kinda feel bad for February, you know? Having the least amount of days an all.. He must feel pretty worn out or discarded or.. I don't even thing months can feel to be honest. I can't sympathize with a month HAHA


Yesterday was my birthday, and you know what? I don't feel any older haha But I guess you never really feel older that way. (I'm pretty sure you don't feel older until your about 60) Also, Carina said that I was 'Legal', but it hasn't happened until now--


That's better. Although it makes me want an outfit that looks like this.. I'll admit I'd look stupid in public HAHA! But anyway.. I probably won't update for a little while, as I've assignments to finish and exams to study for. This is sure to be a lot of fun kids!! Smell 'ya later!

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BUENAS SUERTES! >A< You'll do awesome on your exam(s)!

(I'd love to wear a ballroom gown... b-but that would look even mroe out of place in public..)
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