Rain, rain come again・・・

rain and yey

It's been raining a lot lately. I like this, just because I like rain. It's so soothing and relaxing.. It makes this nice noise as it raps the window-- aaah! But I mean, there are so many people who hate the rain, this is what I say to them!

1. Buy an umbrella
2. Watch the weather forecast
3. Learn how to use an umbrella

Yes. You can learn how to use an umbrella. I'll let you know I'm skilled. Although, there isn't much to it. Basically, DON'T HOLD IT STRAIGHT UP! What a common misconception! I know I like to draw rain falling down straight, but in the RL, it hardly does it. (I am correct, aren't I?) SO TILT YOUR UMBRELLAS PEOPLE! Walking to class, I see either one of two things.. NO UMBRELLA, or alternatively, UMBRELLA STRAIGHT UP. The rain basically follows the wind, SO HOLD IT IN THE DIRECTION THE WINDS COMING! I walk in heavy rain, and the only things that get wet are my feet, mainly because my umbrella is cute and little.

Hopefully you'll all watch the weather and try to predict it HAHAHA!

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thankies for the rain lesson!

I love the rain too! I like to sit by my porch with a nice hot black tea on a rainy day and watch the water fall. So soothing~ ^ ^

IT'S SO NICE THEREEEEEEE! I'll bring more goodies next time~
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