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So, hardly post things to Youtube anymore haha I realize this. So if your interested in my UTAU stuff (which most people aren't anyway) then I recommend a visit to my tumblr, because you can upload audio there and it's all nice and stuff. Speaking of which, here is a mWHITE demo thing because I feel like it. (And because I finished her and stuff and yeaaaah I just need to fix up the art and we've got a distribution) Also, I've found myself recording terrible voice-banks, just for FUN. I'm not sure if I'll even finish one, but if I do uh.. It won't be very good HAHA.

And out of UTAU-- I can't believe my first semester is coming to an end.. It's kinda weird I think. It hasn't even felt like a lot of time, and two weeks from now is my first exam sort of thing. (More like final exam) So I might not be on as much the following weeks. I need to study! I've got all my notes and lots of highlighted stuff and YEAAAAH! STUDYING!! WHOOOOOO!
Just kidding.

But, I'm sorry for no pictures this time around, I'll draw one next time haha Smell 'ya later!
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Yeah, you kinda stopped with the UTAU lately. ^ ^ but you jump started on your life, so it's understandable.

  • 2010-11-28 13:57
  • kit
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