November is cool month

See what I did there? Yup. I went there. Anyway, I took pictures of the projects I'm working on now, since I had fun doing them haha
This one is a silhouette project-- I chose the topic of 'Travel', hence the.. Roads, train, luggage, etc. etc. I think I did well with the Earth.. It.. actually looks like the Earth!
This one is a Typography assignment where we chose a city and made a type face similar to the city. Out of all of them, this Kyoto was my favourite.. So I'm doing that one haha!

Aside from doing homework, I haven't really done anything ahaha Although.. I did decorate my door! I used to have a 'Where's Waldo' poster from a soup box but now..


I've got Stocking greeting my visitors! (Also, don't ask what the Japanese says.. Some of it is uh, a little vulgar.. per say haha.. ha..) Well, I better get back to my homework! (And eating cake tee hee) So, smell 'ya later kids!

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