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As the modern world turns, so does it's technology. (No, please don't throw around your computer) Anything and everything makes it's home on the internet. We're all like little homeless people scurrying around, trying to find something. Sometimes I wish the internet had not been created. With all this new technology, everyone is becoming lazier and lazier (myself exactly) and maybe it 'helped' our society, it really just.. made it worse? I don't know. Even though it's supposed to be a good thing, I can't really see that. The internet is just another addiction. Why don't we have classes for shut-in people who live in the internet? Maybe even I could use a few restrictions to the computer. Gosh, it's almost like a magnet. Just like all those people with cellphones and their constant texting. (I don't have a phone, so I can be brutal about this one) It's not a vital organ. Why do people constantly hold them so close, constantly typing to the person next to them? My one professor even stated that getting a text message is like shooting heroin or just basically using a substance. Why is it such a 'feel good', when you could basically just get up and actually talk to them? But that's aside the point.
I don't even remember what I was talking about. I think it was just angry because someone in this building is using all the internet and now I can't really go on any sites, or check my e-mail. It's really slow right about now..

I'm sorry for this huge block of text ahha I just felt like rambling.. I guess.
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I don't think it's the internet's fault, so much as it it the lack of willpower and low-self-esteam in people.

I love using the web, but I know that it's not the only thing good in life. Plus, the whole world is connected more now with the internet (woah, i'm sounding like that cult in Devil Survivor)
But yeah, alot of people just have low confidence and feel better when they are hidden in text, you know? It's a terrible thing. ugh, I'm contridicting myself, but you know what I mean right?
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  • Kit
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[C218] @Kit

I think it's more a combined effort. The internet did not create these people, they created themselves. The internet did breed them, per say.

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