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I'm sorry for changing the look of my blog so often.. I thought before I was content with it, but after further playing around with CSS I like it much more now haha Everything is so big haha Now even people with bad eye-sight can view? Maybe not haha This text is pretty small when I think about it.. Oh well. Onto other things. Today I got an e-mail about a cancelled class, because my Professor had some health issues in the family (I hope everything is okey!) So I had time to do assignments and stuff.. I can't believe it's only the afternoon.. It feels really late already!

But, I decided I wanted to try out one of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, so I searched for a ROM and am just testing it out. So far, I really like it! It's so cute, oh my! The controls are a little confusing, but I'm sure they make much more sense of a DS, not a laptop haha.

mystery dungeonnn

So, I took the test.. and I'm a Mudkip! I kinda wanted to be a Turtwig, but I think a Mudkip is just as awesome haha And then I chose Bulbasaur as my partner, because well.. He's No. 001 ! (Pokedex joke) I named myself Ruby haha and then Bulbasaur's name is Kunino (I don't know haha) and our Rescue team is Team Kumizu! (In Japanese, kusa means grass and mizu means water!) I'm not too far into the game, and I want to play more! (I guess that means it's a good game, right?) I'd like to buy it, but I'd rather save my money for other things haha I'll keep playing this until then. But yeah, check it out if you're a Pokemon fan, it's really cute and fun!
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Yesssss, my sister got herself this game while I was out of the country sometime, and when I got back, she'd already finished it! She told me it was a truly awesome game and showed me some of it. To be honest, I've really wanted to get Explorers of the Sky for a while now! But I can't afford it (I just found out I have to buy four new books for this semester RRRRRRRRRR *pulls hair out* WHERE AM I GONNA GET THE MONEY?). I wish I'd seen the story though. Sis told me it was fun, deep and pretty moving, actually.

[C214] @Nin

Now I really want to play more of it! At first I thought I wouldn't like it but it's proving to be fun haha

Ugh, school books suck, why are they so expensive?

If I continue playing it, I can fill you in on the story? haha


OH! Kumizu is a pretty cute name! >w< you always make cute names for stuff!!!!

ha ha, ruby the mudkip! ;_; I think nintendo likes you more than it likes me... making me a munchlax an all...
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