Daylight Savings time is golden

Yes people, it is. What more could you ask for? An extra hour in the day? Why, I basically slept in until 9, but since, you know, we're 'falling back' (did you see what I did there?) and extra hour to sleep is wonderful!

sleepy time
Yes, I sleep with dolls hahaha!

But anyway, I'm kinda afraid of school... You see.. Apparently, the book store doesn't stock near the end of the semester? When Monday comes, I'm going to go buy like, 5 boards if they have any! It seems all my projects need this (they're all due in about 2 weeks) but I want to get them done! (I like having free time haha) But I don't know why they do that. I mean, if they don't have anything in stock, 1. Bad rep! and 2. WHERE ELSE DO I GET THEEMMM?? (Main fear) I mean, I know the big ones are about, $1.50 each, so I better scramble onto that! (And if they need to be black, I can just paint them, hahahah!)

Well, I hope your weekend was most sufficient. (If that even makes any sense?) Mine's felt like 5 minutes haha. So, I better go finish up homework.. that's due days from now ahha No really. I want this stuff done. (Good student, yay?)

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you're such a good studious girl.. even when it comes to art, ha ha ha
  • 2010-11-10 18:05
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