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I can't believe it. I'm going to be 18 in a month, and I still colour outside of the lines. It's like I'm six. Maybe a very talented six year old? I have no idea. Six year olds are cool, I guess? I mean.. I was six once ahah.


Anyway, Kit got me this necklace the last time I hung out with her, and I mean.. I never really wear jewelry but haha It's too cute! It's a little pea-pod. Although, I keep thinking that a little mameshiba is going to pop out. (Mame is the Japanese word for bean, and it's basically a 1 a day triva thing..) But yeah. Crazy haha.


Alas, I hurt myself today. (sad face, I know) But anyway, my roommate Erin made Mac and Cheese (not Kraft Dinner haha) and I was gonna have some, so I put it in a microwaveable safe bowl and heated it up. And it was warm, but not warm enough for my tastes! So I put it in again.. and when I pulled the bowl out of the microwave it was really hot.. and.. and.. I mean, when you touch hot plates it hurts, BUT I GOT A LITTLE BURN. (It's actually really little haha)

So, do you know? Wear oven mitts around hot food! And especially hot containers holding hot food!

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^///^ I'm really glad that you like it! I'm wearing mine right now actually!

awww, poor maddi. I hope your finger heals quickly.
  • 2010-10-29 17:39
  • kit
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[C209] @kit

I really like it haha It's so adorable :> It's my little piece of Carina? hahah

My finger feels better now after Polysporin.. But it's got this little puffy spot on it now.. :I


^ ^ then mine is a little piece of Maddison~ <3

ah! that's good at least! Was it your right or left hand?
  • 2010-10-29 21:10
  • kit
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Professor Layton says: "Take another close look at what information we've got, Luke/Kit. Remember, ever puzzle has an answer!"

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