Surely getting closer to HALLOWEENTOWN

Although, we really looked like this...

There was a Halloween party at my friend's house, so me and CARINA DESU went as Matryoshka, and it was pretty cool. Playing Wii Dance and eating candies and well.. Sitting in a forest and making a witches brew? I thought it was cool, but some people were pretty iffy about it. The best was when we left and some random guy started to "OOGIE BOOGEY" us. I laughed really hard because.. It was really funny.

Other than that.. I haven't really been doing much. (To say honestly.) I did get flicks to go away on my computer, so now I can finally use Bulbakaki again! (Is really excited about this) But yesterday I had such a fun time. (Sarcastic) I made these flowers out of scotch tape and placed them in this metal tree. I had to take photographs of people's reactions to it. Basically, no one looked at it. Almost everyone just walked right by, like nothing. I guess they don't pay much attention to these trees aha


Yeah.. I guess they were kind small so no one really saw. One lady did see it and started to get angry after I took a picture of it, but then I told her it was for a project and then she cooled off. It looked like this. (Wow, lots of links in this blog post!)

Anyway, I'm sorry I keep editing my blog. I hope everything is easier to read now.. I noticed it was terribly small before. Haha, oh well. Have a good Halloween!

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Marina was talking about you in my town by the way. I can't remeber what she said.

OH MAN! I had a funny little bump on my inner lip becasue of the lip ring! it went away though
  • 2010-10-28 17:02
  • kit
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[C206] @kit


Well, that's good. But I'm pretty sure it was bound to happen. Your lips are pretty sensitive, I guess haha

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