August 06

THE DATE TODAY FFF What an awesome title, eh?

So, anyway.. This creepy thing happended to me awhile ago. But I am still not sure if I was dreaming or half asleep or something. Because this might very well be the case. But.. Anyway.. So, me and my brother are just sitting around and this huge thunder storm starts right? Okay. That's normal. We've been having tons of thunderstorms lately. But the thing was, the lights like flickered and kinda went out for a bit and then they came back on. (Lucky for me I turnned off my Wii and Computer..!) But that's not the creepy part! All off a sudden.. I heard this like creepy deep manly voice. FF! From where? I don't know! So I asked my brother, but he wasn't in the room and wasn't replying. I was all like.. dark hour dark hour dark hour dark hour.. Then I kinda realized the power was on, and it was probably only 3PM. But oh well. That was fun.

I do think that overall this summer has been quite uneventful. I mean, it's had it's fun moments.. But most of it involved me sitting playing Animal Crossing for.. a few hours. Haha.. I am so mature. FF But.. Me and Kitsunojo are gonna make the best movie ever! YAH. So, you better keep and eye on that. FFF Also.. FF NEW LAYTON GAME. I have been waiting for this! *excited* I better go pre-order it now. FFF Well, maybe sometime in the future.

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[C14] "Kitsunojo and I "deary


I'd better get started on some kind of plot....
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