IT'S TASTING TIMEOkey, okeyokeyokey for reals though. New Pokemon theme song? IT'S REALLY GOOD. Good enough for me to sing it. (Okey, that doesn't account for anything baha) But I've been watching this in between working. I'm terrible at staying focused with a computer in my room. Or it's just the internet really. Tomorrow I'm going to finish up all my work! I've basically got 2 out of 3 assignmen...


I need a hair cutWell, I still haven't decided yet. I know it sounds pretty trivial and such but.. I kinda wanna cut my hair really short, even though everyone disapproves.. Just because I hate having long hair!! Why does everyone think I look nice with long hair?? THEY JUST MAKING ME MAD?? I MAD!! or something. I don't know. But aside from that..I FEEL SPECIAL!! Number 14?? I mean I don't have ma...


ThinkingI’m filling my cup to the brimWith tears and unspoken wordsNot half empty but full of regretI wish I was bold and ready to goInstead I sit silently soStaring out the window rained onCrimson colours fill my eyes andClosing them to hold memories inBut instead I open my eyes,Forget the past,And stare into the setting sun.Sorry I've written two in a row here! I tend to write them together but ...


AndThey always said that if you had a good sense of direction, that you’d never get lost.One foot in front of another, cold feet mean nothing until you lose the courage.When you cry with your mouth open we’ll put the tears back in somehow.We won’t carry your body back so keep it back and keep it safe. We don’t want it.Hearing your footsteps tumble down the stairs, heavy and clumsy you tiltWobble l...


Cave Story WoesI love this game to pieces man! Not only is it adorable and has a kinda sad story-line BUT ITS ALSO FREE, even though I bought it for the Wii. (I still have it on my PC) But speaking of that, I saved it onto an SD card saying, YES I CAN BRING THIS GAME TO COLLEGE! I turn on Wii, but in SD card, it loads, I click Cave Story, GOES TO OPENING SCREEN THEN SAYS "SORRY YOU CAN'T PLAY THIS...


12-6, EverydayAt first I thought, "Cool! I kinda get to sleep in!" (With the exception of Mondays/8-9/ and Tuesdays/8-11/ ... thats all AM too) Now it's like school doesn't end and I come home late and just do homework. I have found some time to play video games b-but.. I'm so used to having two days off! I feel like I won't have my projects done in time or something.. Even though at the moment I'...


Back to LondonIt feels like the Winter Holiday break just lasted forever! I've gotten used to being here again though haha Before I was kinda dreading coming back to school, but now that I'm sitting here looking out my window and seeing the building.. I'm actually pretty excited! I wonder what projects and challenges and other stuff I'm going to have to go through! CRAZY! (Eh, not really) Right no...


HAPPY NEW YEAR!I didn't realize but today is 1.1.11 !! WHO KNEW! It's crazy, isn't it?Here's the picture I drew for New Years.. It has Pokemon! (new year = new pokemon game!) So with every new year comes some resolutions one must make.. I haven't really thought of one, so I'm just gonna post some stuff here. I want to try and focus on many things, and hopefully I can go by them.. (My laptop is dyi...



Due to my hereditary lack of energy, I have been hibernating since childhood.
Hi, I'm mx! I go to college for Graphic Design because I am a smart kid! I love to draw animu and I like food and video games. I talk about stupid personal things that no one cares about!! I'm gay for space.


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