Goodbye for now---I'm packing today, and I have a little break while my laundry is being washed.. so.. I'm leaving tomorrow and will be gone for two weeks, aha. I'll be sure to post up some pictures on my deviantART when I come back. I can't wait to go to PEI! And see whales! Be really close to England! (hahaha) etc. etc. So, have fun without me guys, and expect lots of art when I come back. Now t...


Wish upon a star?Jirachi-- the wish Pokemon!This one's gonna be short like the last, but whatever. Happy Tanabata! May Orihime meet Hokiboshi (I think I got it right FF) I just remember Vega and Altair.It's also my brother's birthday. Happy birthday to him! (He's 16 now, whoo not really.)...


Happy Canada Day!Oh yeah, great white north, strong and free, etc etc. I think I love you Canada. (No, not Hetalia) Speaking of WHITE.. I found this while surfing Nico Video while looking for Fjord videos. Sorry for the bad quality, Nico was being gay this morning.. Yeah, so check out this! She dances with a cute bear, and someone fixed the terrible programming I did FFF Only thing is, WHITE does...



Due to my hereditary lack of energy, I have been hibernating since childhood.
Hi, I'm mx! I go to college for Graphic Design because I am a smart kid! I love to draw animu and I like food and video games. I talk about stupid personal things that no one cares about!! I'm gay for space.


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