YOUR FORTUNE..Haha, okay.. Usually my parents like to go out for dinner on people's birthday's, but I was indecisive and didn't really want to go anywhere anyway. So, instead.. We ordered Chinese from this resturant down the street from me. (Yum.) And I, of course, asked for chicken curry because I'm special, wooo. But that's not what I wanted to say here, of course! After we finish dinner we all ...


Happy Birthday?Whoo? I guess I'm a year older now.. I don't feel any different, haha. (I mean, that's normal, right?) But MAN! I'm so upset with my Animal Crossing friends! Carina said that someone would come to your house and give you something.. but no one came to my house.. They just sent me letters.. But that's okay, they're not real! FF Oh well. But yeah, there isn't much else to say.. FF Now...


Live Streaming Videos?Haha, I guess I just got sucked into it. I've heard alot of people talking about livestream, and so I thought I would try it out.. FF I mean, just because I wanted some replays of when I drew stuff.. Hahaha. (But not really, I want to see how slow I am drawing something FF)So, I guess if you guys ever get bored, you can go check out my broadcasts. (Ohh, Now I'm a televison gu...


Τηλέμαχος(Walking up towards the throne, one foot - planted to the solid rockthe other, following hesitantly.The marble, laughs one deep note of happiness or of jealousy from under me. All the people of the world were obser...


TELL ME WHY SCHOOL IS ANNOYINGMore like, teach the teachers to give out assigments before the week they have to have to submit marks. COME ON. It always happens.. It makes me so angry! It's like, for most of the time, we aren't even doing anything in class, then BAM! We've got like, five assignments and two test. (Okay, I went a little overboard there, but you get it, right?) Why can't they see it...



Due to my hereditary lack of energy, I have been hibernating since childhood.
Hi, I'm mx! I go to college for Graphic Design because I am a smart kid! I love to draw animu and I like food and video games. I talk about stupid personal things that no one cares about!! I'm gay for space.


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