INTERNET LIARSMan, the new AFI CD already came out! My sources were telling me otherwise.. Dumb sources.But anyway, today I truely saw how terrible my father is at technology. He's one of those people who needs an instruction booklet for an iPod. (No, seriously.) But, anyway.. I sit down at my computer to do some voice acting for my UTAU library and.. "Eh.. Hey, Maddison. You know those little asi...


B★RS Animeeee!Oh, okay. I am a dork. The Black Rock Shooter pilot comes out tomorrow! I can't wait to watch it! FFF I'm suck a sucker for all the checkerboard sutff and cool characters.. Hahaha.. See, look? They even have an offical site! Hopefully someone posts it on the internet.. Even if it's raw it doesn't matter because I don't think there will be any talking involved. (Or something like that...


IT'S ALMOST OCTOBER!!Haha, okay. It isn't. But whatever. I can believe whatever I want to believe if you are believing in me! (Fail.) But, anyways.. After I made a little Pokeman version of myself, I decided it would be pretty cool if I made the PSS girls as well! So, ta-da! I did them! (And Chiyo looks much better!)See? SEE? They are so cute, eh? I guess if you want to, you can use them. Okay.In ...


Look! I edited a Pokemanz sprite to make myself. It's so accurate! (Okay, not)Basically for an eventful today I went a trip to Toronto! Whoo! There are so many asian people there! (Hahahaa, Really.) But my uncle invited my family to go see a Blue Jays game.. And they actually won! Woah. I guess that's new. FFF There was this cool Japanese guy (I am guessing) and when we went up to bad it looked li...


Long time, no see? Hahahahaa.. Okay. Not funny.But seriously, I have not updated this in awhile. (I blame it on the fact that I would update 'everyday.') So... I guess there isn't anything to say. Nothing really super exciting happens in my life. Except that school started, yeah! I am dork, therefore I find school pretty awesome because I can chill with my friends and not have to choose what to we...


Oh my.. It's September already! FF I guess summer really messes up your sense of time.. Oh well. I have an extra week off, yay! Or nay? I actually am anticipating the school year.. FF Which is pretty.. well, weird for students right? FF That also means it's getting closer to my birthday.. D: ! Ack, noooooooo! I like being the youngest but the tallest FF (Okay, I'm not that tall..)But.. As of last ...



Due to my hereditary lack of energy, I have been hibernating since childhood.
Hi, I'm mx! I go to college for Graphic Design because I am a smart kid! I love to draw animu and I like food and video games. I talk about stupid personal things that no one cares about!! I'm gay for space.


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