“That isn’t what I meant at at!!” But the phone clicked on the other end regardless. She rested her shoulders against the wall and gripped the phone tightly. Wanting to tug it off the wall, but had thought better. Resting it back in the cradle she inhaled and tried to control the exhale. It’s better to live and cry alone, isn’t it? When they ask “are you alright?” “is there anything I can do to he...


Character Development/Short Story of Ludwig van DeorThe light filters through the windows and envelops anyone sprawled under it. It feels good to bask in the light and forget about your misgivings. “Ludwig, I have errands to run and won’t have time to go into town. Here’s the list; I expect you to be back by dusk.”It was such a simple errand as well—just picking up milk and eggs, the usual. Noth...



Due to my hereditary lack of energy, I have been hibernating since childhood.
Hi, I'm mx! I go to college for Graphic Design because I am a smart kid! I love to draw animu and I like food and video games. I talk about stupid personal things that no one cares about!! I'm gay for space.


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