Good Snack Delicious SnackToday I want to talk about delicious food. I ate this yesterday but whatever. Let me introduce to multigrain chips and cheese dip. Two beautiful things in existence. I usually have self-control and I can eat three chips and then put them away but... with this dip I.. keep coming back for more. (I don't even remember how many I ate but now there aren't any chips left..)Als...


Today's random thought "I wonder why I was that way, and think of who I will become"Baha, don't know why I was just thinking about this. I had a random day-dream of a foggy pier.. Man, I have weird day-dreams.Anywaaaay! I am getting excited. You know why? I'm basically done my first year of college in a few weeks! I'm pretty confident I'm doing well and I hope my average is about the same as last ...


IT'S TASTING TIMEOkey, okeyokeyokey for reals though. New Pokemon theme song? IT'S REALLY GOOD. Good enough for me to sing it. (Okey, that doesn't account for anything baha) But I've been watching this in between working. I'm terrible at staying focused with a computer in my room. Or it's just the internet really. Tomorrow I'm going to finish up all my work! I've basically got 2 out of 3 assignmen...


SAI BRUSH TOOLI'm having a lot of fun with it, OH MON DIEU. I mean, my colouring generally sucks-- but this makes it look okey when I colour outside the lines ahah!Rinrinrin by ~maddi-x on deviantARTI didn't think that the preview would be that big ahah)So yeah..I better go finish drawing letters ahah! I hate the alphabet now.. Seriously.....


AWESOMESo, I finally decided that it was time to fight Red in SoulSilver. Now I'm all "Why didn't I fight him earlier?" FF Because my Pokemon are basically level 89-90. (I have this obsession with training Pokemon so they're all the same level. I've been like that for awhile now.) But anyway. He was much easier to beat than I though. Honestly. But he's easier to beat in original Silver because YOU...


Oh, BulbakakiMain Player characters from HG and SS -- I got into the Oekaki scene when I was about.. What, 8? 9? I can't remember. It had to be atleast 2001 because that's when I recieved my lovely and sort-of healthy tablet. (Who has yet to recieve a name) But anyway. I'm a big fan of Bulbapedia, and when I found out that they had a Oekaki, meant for drawing the Pokeymanz, I jumped to that site F...


"Baked, Mixed, Steeped.."From left to right: Mariette Rousseux, Peyton Pryce and Elizabeth GordonSo, school's started again. I'm sad because I have to wake up and stuff, but also really stoked. I mean, my day goes like this.. Draw, write, draw/photograph. I have one exam. OH MY. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO END MY LAST YEAR. It gets better.. FF I mean, I have all my friends in basically all my classes. If ...


絶望した!So, my dad is a cool guy. He's like 'Hey, I wanna go get a book.' So I went along with him. I was happy because I haven't been to a book store in awhile. I love book stores, yeah! So I look around for a bit and make my way to the back of the store to the manga section. So I go straight to REBORN! because I want to finish the series (but I am sure it won't end..) and they had the next vol...


B★RS Animeeee!Oh, okay. I am a dork. The Black Rock Shooter pilot comes out tomorrow! I can't wait to watch it! FFF I'm suck a sucker for all the checkerboard sutff and cool characters.. Hahaha.. See, look? They even have an offical site! Hopefully someone posts it on the internet.. Even if it's raw it doesn't matter because I don't think there will be any talking involved. (Or something like that...



Due to my hereditary lack of energy, I have been hibernating since childhood.
Hi, I'm mx! I go to college for Graphic Design because I am a smart kid! I love to draw animu and I like food and video games. I talk about stupid personal things that no one cares about!! I'm gay for space.


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